New Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet

Several new foods are emerging as the latest healthy foods on the market.  Although you may have added foods such as kale, quinoa, and flax-seed to your nutritious diet there are a few… Continue reading

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Foods with Hidden Sugar

Even though you may have started eating a healthier diet by cutting down on fat calories from processed foods and sugar, you’d be surprised at the foods that may contain a considerable amount… Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Middle Bulge

You probably have heard the term spare tire, muffin top, love handles, or middle age bulge when a person refers to the extra weight a person can carry in their midsection. Although this… Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

The achy knee, stiff elbow, or painful hip are some of the most common areas one can experience joint pain in the body. This common health complaint may creep up with age but… Continue reading

Buffaloberry; The New Superfruit

The gogi, acai, and blueberry may have to step aside as the top superfruits around since the discovery of the buffaloberry. This dark shade of red berry with little white dots, is a… Continue reading

Natural Alternatives for Common Ailments

It’s very easy today to reach for a common drug or prescription for what ails you and although this may work in getting rid of your pain, insomnia, or indigestion, you may want… Continue reading

Dance for Your Health

Learning dance moves like the tango, cha-cha, and fox trot, may be a fun activity but did you know it’s also a great way to exercise your way to better health. In fact,… Continue reading

Tips to Help Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Even healthy women and men can experience hormonal fluctuations at some time due to changes in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels. Although there are several hormone replacement methods available through your physician, many… Continue reading

Healthy Benefits of Eating Slower

If you’re someone struggling with weight gain and generally gulp down your food, you may want to slow down and chew your food longer. The truth is studies have shown those individuals who… Continue reading

Music Therapy for Physical and Mental Health

Listening to music may have you singing, dancing, or just relaxing, but research has found a variety of physical and mental health benefits as well. Here are some of the ways music can… Continue reading