Chemicals to Avoid in Beauty Products

The wide array of beauty products for the consumer today are thought to help you cleanse, and improve your face, body, and hair. The fact is many of these products may contain potentially… Continue reading

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Importance of Reading Food Labels to Eat Healthy

It’s easy to grab a can, box, or frozen food item off a grocery cart and throw it in your cart, without reading the list of ingredients on the food label first. The… Continue reading

Ways to Keep You Motivated to Lose Weight

You may have started the New Year with the best intentions to eat healthier, exercise more, or maybe even join a gym. The truth is many people find their enthusiasm slowly starts to… Continue reading

Uncommon Weight Loss Tips

Many people trying to lose weight are tired of people telling them the same advice on ways to shed more pounds. Typical suggestions you may have heard may include, exercise more, eat more… Continue reading

Tips to fight the Winter Blues

If the winter months find you experiencing bouts of sadness or what many people refer to as the winter blues than you’re not alone. The truth is you may be suffering from one… Continue reading

Healthy Anti-inflammatory Foods

Whether it’s inflammatory conditions, or even the common cold, there are certain foods that can help heal and guard against common ailments. Although it’s easy to pop a pill for what ails you,… Continue reading

Mind Tricks to help you Lose Weight

Have you ever thought how much control your mind can have over your body when it comes to eating? It’s true if you’re one of countless individuals who struggles with their weight but… Continue reading

Health Safety Concerns of Triclosan in Soap Products

There’s concern lately over the effectiveness and safety of anti-bacterial soap compared to regular soap cleansers. In fact, just recently the F.D.A said after years of study no evidence was found to show… Continue reading

Tips to Break a Weight- Loss Plateau

It’s frustrating when you’re eating right; exercising regularly, the pounds are dropping off, and all of a sudden the weight loss just stops. You’ve reached what many people refer to as a weight-loss… Continue reading

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

The end of the year is typically marked by numerous New Year’s resolutions for the coming year. In fact, approximately one in three Americans make resolutions to start the year off in some… Continue reading