Best Cardio Exercises that Burn the Most Calories

Many people find their daily cardio exercises aren’t burning the amount of calories they’d like, and would like to mix it up.

What cardio exercises can show the best results in burning the most calories?

To begin with, at least 30 minutes or more a day is recommended for cardiovascular health in order to help prevent heart disease, increase body strength, and help burn calories to lose weight.

• Treadmill

This workout can let you alternate the intensity and speed of exercise to adjust the level according to your needs to burn the most calories. You may want to start out with a shorter interval of time at a slower pace, and then speed up the intensity of your workout with a longer interval at a faster pace. You can gradually increase the incline for even more resistance for your workout, which will burn even more calories. The amount of calories burned on the treadmill depends on your weight, pace, and length of time. For example, if you are 150 pounds, walking at a pace of 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes, you will burn approximately 200 calories.

• Jump Rope            

This simple exercise can be done almost anywhere and can help improve your cardiovascular health, help build stronger bones, improve coordination, agility, and muscular endurance. On average, jumping rope can burn 11 calories per minute, and even more if you increase the intensity.

• Biking

An excellent form of cardio exercise since bicycling can burn a large amount of calories in just 30 minutes. In fact, the more you increase your endurance, you can burn between 250-500 minutes depending on the intensity of your bicycling workout.

• Running

Another great cardio workout that can be done almost anywhere, increasing bone strength, and heart rate, simply by running. If you are 150 pounds, and run approximately 5 mph, you would burn 544 calories in one hour.

• Elliptical Trainer

This popular cardio workout machine at the gym allows you to naturally move your body, increasing resistance for a more intense workout. The amount of calories burned depends on the level of your workout. For example, if you’re a 150 pound woman doing a medium level workout for 30 minutes, you can burn approximately 340 calories.

• Swimming

If you want a full body exercise than swimming is an excellent cardio workout. In terms of calories burned, if you weigh 150 pounds and leisurely swim for approximately 30 minutes, you can use around 215 calories. If you switch to a moderate pace, you can then burn 70 calories more in 30 minutes. The variables change with weight, and the pace at which you swim.

• Step Aerobics

A favorite cardio exercise of women is step aerobics. If you do this work out for approximately 30 minutes you can burn around 400 calories. This exercise will help to strengthen the hips, legs, and glutes, for a more toned and fit body.

The key to finding a successful cardio workout depends on choosing one that you will do consistently, as well as changing up the routine by adding new ones for additional ways to burn calories.