Common Foods Linked to Cancer

Some of the foods that you eat every day that you thought were healthy can actually be cancer-causing items that you should avoid. The truth is, today, there are numerous food products that… Continue reading

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Is Brown Fat a Key to Weight Loss?

Generally, when most people hear the word ,” fat”, they may cringe and think of the extra weight they see bulging under the skin causing the so-called beer bellies to protrude over the… Continue reading

Harmful Effects of too Much Sugar

If you’re someone who likes to indulge in something sweet after a meal , or maybe have even acquired even a” sweet tooth” and eat sweets all the time, then you’re not alone.… Continue reading

Things You Shouldn’t do to Lose Weight

Many people today struggle with their weight and want to try anything to shed those extra pounds. Although, there’s a lot of good information for people on what foods you should eat for… Continue reading

Bloating or Belly Fat?

Almost everyone may experience the temporary feeling of abdominal discomfort and appearance of a swollen belly from time to time. Even though you might think you’ve accumulated added fat on your abdominal region,… Continue reading

Fall Allergies or a Cold?

When the cooler fall weather settles in, allergy season begins as well, along with cold and flu season following close behind. Many people find this time of year difficult to determine if all… Continue reading

Fitness Myths and Facts

There is plenty of information on what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to fitness, but sorting out which bit of knowledge is a myth or actually a fact is important… Continue reading

Protect yourself from Food Poisoning

A surprising estimate according to the CDC,  is that approximately 48 million people, or around 1 in 6 Americans, will be affected by food borne illnesses this year. Contaminated food from any bacteria… Continue reading

Running Stairs for cardio Health and Weight Loss

Many people today, strive to find an easier way to boost their cardio exercise and lose weight without the added cost of joining a gym. The truth is if you haven’t tried using… Continue reading

Best Exercises for your Body Type

Generally people fall into the category of either apple or pear-shaped bodies depending on where their fat tends to accumulate. If you carry extra weight in the abdominal region but smaller in the… Continue reading