5 Unusual Tips to Live a Longer Life

The average life expectancy has risen dramatically since the 1900’s when only half of children born were expected to live until the age of 50. Today, the life expectancy of a person born… Continue reading

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Five Outrageous Diet Fads

Almost every year some kind of new fad diet is tried in desperate hope of losing weight no matter what strange eating pattern or deprivation it entails. Although people may temporarily lose weight… Continue reading

Healthy Food for the Holidays

The holiday season is the one time of year almost everyone likes to indulge a little enjoying some of the foods they may have been avoiding during the year. What you may not… Continue reading

Best Metabolism Boosting Breakfast Foods

A winning combination to start your day off right is eating breakfast loaded with metabolism boosting foods. The truth is, not only are you eating the most important meal of the day but… Continue reading

Holiday Cooking Tips to Cut Calories and Avoid Weight Gain

Most of the holiday festivities center around planning a delicious array of your favorite foods to enjoy with your family and friends. Although these tasty dishes and baked goods make a wonderful feast… Continue reading

Factors that Affect Weight Loss

It’s probably apparent to most people that if you eat too much, and indulge in all the wrong foods this will prevent you from losing weight. What you may not realize, however, is… Continue reading

Common Foods that can be Toxic

Including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet. What you may not be aware of, however, is that eating a particular fruit or vegetable… Continue reading

Healthy Benefits of Elderberries

Although fruits are an important part of a nutritious and healthy diet, one fruit that may be overlooked today is the Sambucus, otherwise known as the elderberry. This potent little berry has been… Continue reading

Common Foods Linked to Cancer

Some of the foods that you eat every day that you thought were healthy can actually be cancer-causing items that you should avoid. The truth is, today, there are numerous food products that… Continue reading

Is Brown Fat a Key to Weight Loss?

Generally, when most people hear the word ,” fat”, they may cringe and think of the extra weight they see bulging under the skin causing the so-called beer bellies to protrude over the… Continue reading